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Designer, Maria Pretelt whom also works as a model and actor was born in Panama and is currently living in Miami Beach, Florida. Maria Luisa has a Bachelor in International Business and since young she knew she never wanted to respond to anyone. So she had to be her own boss.

She always had a curiosity about designing and loved fashion so decided to start her own fashion brand. After rolling some dices (researching), accessories became the first step of the  MLPIECES ladder. This is how MLPIECES was born, which means “Pieces by Maria Luisa Pretelt”. Her love for music and the people she surrounds herself with and their styles are the inspiration behind her designs. All her pieces are highly influenced by it and Maria's personality and style, characterized for being classy and rebellious. The rebel element, in style, comes from the devil-may-care-attitude that every person has when they know they look sexy and confident.

That’s MLPIECES mission right there. To make you look and feel confident and powerful along the vibrations of all the alluring and influential stones, charms and pendants we have designed just for you, in order to achieve whatever is that you want; always taking into consideration our planet. Sustainability - MLPIECES  Wether is jewelry or clothes, MLPIECES is created for The #ConsciousRebel. The person who fights for what’s right even if he/she has to break the rules on the way. We promote freedom of expression.

MLPIECES brand and lifestyle is a ”recognition” to passionate individuals who are not afraid of saying what needs to be said, and going after their innermost desires while being conscious with our planet.

MLPIECES Collections are alluring, classy, energy charged, outspoken and conscious. The materials used are precious metals, metals and semi-precious stones, all found while traveling. Semi-precious stones are natural stones and may vary in size, shape and color. All of Maria's inspired designs are unique and produced in very limited quantities. To ensure the beauty of MLPIECES we recommend to open and close the vegan leather pieces with care as it is very delicate. Avoid contact with perfume, hairspray, lotions, water, bleaches, among others. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place. Do not wear the pieces while cleaning, swimming or taking a shower. When ready to storage, wipe and clean with soft cotton cloth.

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