Onyx stone – We at MLPIECES love Onyx. It is a beautiful stone and the birthstone for Leos.

Black Onyx stone is associated with the planet Saturn, which will bring a positive vibe for those born in the shadow of the planet Saturn. It is a stone for Leo zodiac sign . This stone will help maintenance Leo characteristic.

Onyx is a variety of quartz. It’s known for it’s powerful energy and somber beauty. It’s a stone that protects you when facing adversaries in battles of conflicts of all kinds.

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In classical ceremonial magic, the image of the head of the god Mars or a figure of the hero Hercules was engraved on the stone and carried for courage. Indians and Persians believed that wearing onyx protected them from the evil eye, and that placing onyx on the stomach of a pregnant woman in labor would reduce the labor pain and bring on earlier delivery.

Onyx is not only used for protection, but also as defense against negativity that is consciously directed towards you. The close union and yet strong contrast between the layers of black and white in some varieties may suggest it’s connection with romance.

In India, Gemologists recommend it as a protective measure for harmonious relationships, keeping away any probability of disturbances or differences between the couple. Onyx as a birthstone provides the structure and authority you crave. It can help you be the master of your destiny and strengthen your confidence. It provides support in difficult times and centers your energy in times of mental or physical stress. It also offers the gift of wise decisions.

It can help release negative emotions such as sorrow and grief. It is also used to end unhappy or bothersome relationships.

Throughout history, it has been thought to bring powers of protection, self control, decision-making and intuition, increased vigor, strength and stamina. It alleviates worry, tension, and nervousness and eliminates confusion and nightmares.

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