MLPIECES Jewelry Studio in Miami

MLPIECES Jewelry Studio in Miami. It all began like a giant mess. On my bed. But thankfully now it has become a pretty cool little studio where I spent hours. Here is where I focus on creating personal, unique handmadejewelry inspired on several things. Music is what moves me.. rock and roll and indie bands are my favorite so I love to add fringe to every piece I can, specially Sterling Silver fringe. Does not get better than that.

MLPIECES Jewelry Studio in Miami

Leather is another big component of my designs and if they are metallic colors, even better. And if mix with very high quality freshwater pearls you can probably picture my favorite piece.

MLPIECES Jewelry Studio in Miami


My favorite semiprecious stones are Quartz, Onyx, Jade and Agate, among others, so you will find lots of them on my designs. All the materials are imported from different parts of the world and are carefully picked to ensure the high quality of them.

We proud ourselves on using the best quality leather, silver, stones and pearls.

Maria Luisa Pretelt

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