Handmade Jewelry – The History

Handmade Jewelry – The History is made up of different components that are brought together and assembled by hand. Some are entirely man made while others are made with certain types of machinery. Although the lathes and drills that are needed during the making, are made sure to be guided by hand and not entirely by the machines. Artists use any material available to come up with designs that are unique. They use several different kind of techniques to make them.

You might have this misconception that the history behind jewelry would be very boring, but the fact is that it is very interesting and quite intriguing from where the culture began. It is believed that the making of beaded jewelry began around seventy thousand years ago when a man discovered beads and gems which he thought were very beautiful. Beaded jewelry is used in different ways, simply as personal adornment and/or art hangings, sculptures or for cultural uses.

Handmade Jewelry – The History

It is also believed that the very first jewelry was originated in Africa. Whereas in other different parts of the world it is believed and there is an evidence that Cro Magnons wore bracelets and necklaces that were made of bones, berries, teeth and stones.

Jewelry that is crafted by hand has become very popular around the world. The latest trends involve unique necklaces, bracelets, and earrings of all sizes and styles with volume and edginess. Oversized cuffs, stacking rings and chandelier earrings are all a part of it. Glamorous chokers, rings, statement necklaces, pendants and a lot more are a part of it.

Some of our favorite MLPIECES Handmade Jewelry pieces are:

Onyx Skull Bracelet


The Onyx Skull Bracelet is a piece of jewelry is for those who do not prefer anything that is permanent. For those who want to embrace a change and love all the emotions and they do not believe in the mortality of the norms. They are joyous and they get path from the irregular no set pace. Open minded with a strong attitude, it adds a touch of the historical time when people wore bones and teeth as jewelry by putting in small skulls in the bracelets.


Crystal Quartz on Metallic Pink Leather


The Crystal Quartz on Metallic Pink Leather Bracelet is made from a versatile stone which is multi-dimensional which attracts love and is a form of meditation for those who need healing or the prosperity of the crystal quartz, pink metallic leather and silver lock and beads. This bracelet is a touch of feminism portraying a woman of elegance.


Jade Long Necklace


The Jade Long Necklace is a rosary-like necklace made from the gemstone Jade, which was considered the “imperial gem”. In Chine, Jade has been for 9,000 years a symbol of status, spirituality, purity and health. “Gold has a price, Jade is priceless”.


Handmade Jewelry – The History by MLPIECES



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